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3 ways that Yoga Mobility Method helps heal Chronic Pain

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Do you feel pain or unease in any part of your body? Do you feel lower back pain because of sitting for long hours? Or maybe neck and shoulder pain due to looking at your computer screen to get the job done…. or you feel fatigue or possibly burned out simply due to lack of movement in and time to relax your mind? Then you are in the right place, and YMM (Yoga Mobility Method) is for you.

What is Chronic Pain? When pain continues long after its cause is gone and lasts for 3 to 6 months or more, it's called chronic pain. Usually, Chronic pain results from an injury, lack of movement, or some emotional and mental reasons. This pain can last for weeks, months, or even years. In some cases, the damage to the body can come from stress and other related factors.

Business professionals might feel sedentary lifestyles. In other words, they spend long hours glued to a single seat. Their busy lifestyles act as the core enemy.

Modern society has made a lot of technological improvements. With the coming shuttles, planes, vehicles, and other forms of transport, inactivity results. The modern lifestyle puts more emphasis on an immobile lifestyle. A bigger percentage of activities happen while the person is in their seat. A big number of them do not even have time to visit gyms. In their lifestyle, that is time wasted. It could be time they might use while responding to emails or making phone calls.

Going down to the actual causes reveals the technical factors that lead to this pain.

Lack of Movement:

As earlier stated, busy people who spend long hours on the desk are susceptible to this. This risk describes entrepreneurs and business professionals who are ever busy. They don't allow the body to make the necessary movements. In simple terms, the corporate lifestyle comes in as a risk factor.

Autoimmune disorders:

These are disorders that stress the body and leave it weak. Most of these are terminal illnesses or conditions. The pain from this category can be intermittent and agonizing.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

This is the condition most entrepreneurs and business professionals go through. It comes as a result of fatigue that accrues for a long period. For these corporate individuals, the fatigue comes from the work they do. The pain lasts for a long time. In fact, it can go on for as long as six months, a year, or more! CFS is difficult to deal with because it does not improve when someone continues working. That is an enemy of this condition.

Myofascial pain syndrome:

This is the pain experienced in the muscles. The soft tissue around the joints responds to pressure by releasing pain. People with this condition experience pain in the muscles and it lasts for long periods. In other words, they are victims of chronic pain. It is easy to observe inflammation in muscular connective tissue which develops.

Medication side effects:

There are some medication categories that bring side effects to the body. One of the common side effects cited is chronic pain. This is usually the case with individuals who are on medication for a long time.

3 ways Yoga can release the pain

There are many solutions experts bring about to deal with chronic pain. But the simplest and most convenient is the movement and mobility kind of work. The three ways in which mobility cures pain are within your reach.

Yoga enhances blood circulation

This chronic pain comes in some cases because of some blockage in blood flow. The restriction works against the free circulation of blood and creates stress. In turn, the body reacts by oozing out doses of pain. But when you are mobile and active, your blood circulates to different parts. This in turn lowers down the risk of chronic pain as the organs remain healthy and active.

Yoga Promotes excellent drainage of the lymph

The lymphatic system is very reactive to stress. It gathers lymph in a bid to fight off the condition or stress that has come. This leads to swelling of joint tissue. But that is the lymphatic system responding to a condition. The solution is mobility. When the body is set in motion, the lymphatic system drains very well.

It does not see the need to gather in one place. This in turn clears away agony and leads to solving the issue of chronic pain. The bottom line is that it does not have to be stressful exercise all the time. When you move, your body can even be in a relaxed mood. It could be that you are taking a walk for some short distance. That will make the whole difference.

Yoga releases tap into Parasympathetic nervous system

Studies have shown that mobility motivates the brain to release endorphin. This is a very important antidote to stress. When released, it acts to reduce stress. But in case you are already stressed and in pain, endorphin will also help you. It will reduce your perception of pain. In other words, it works like a natural pain killer. The perception of pain is the main solution to clearing away chronic pain induced by stress. Thus, mobility will go a long way in providing the solution. This is important for entrepreneurs and business professionals who are ever on the run.

You can spare the constant visits to the doctor over chronic pain. This time around why not start with Yoga. In most cases, you can incorporate simple yoga asanas into your own work routines. Have you noticed the setup of your office? You might consider trying to put some important documents at a distance. This will call for mobility whenever you decide to reach for such.

Any small movement you make as long as it is consistent can make the whole difference. Most people think that the bottom line is about making sure that you stress the body with heavy workouts. But in many cases, you don't need such extremes. As long as you allow your body to enjoy a good circulation of fluids, you can savor your moments and enjoy life.

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