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Where is Your Energy Today?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

What are the things that without them, my life wouldn’t be the same?

A gratitude list is a diary of all the things that we are grateful for. 

It’s not about all the good things only, but it’s about ALL the things that have value for us in our lives. 

An easy way to check the value of things would be to remove them from your life and imagine your life without them and then you find out the real value of them. 

Having gratitude is internal work and writing a gratitude list every day is a meditation for positive psychology. 

Have you seen people who have a great life but are not happy? 

Or on the other hand, the ones who are not in good condition but they are happy inside... some of us have been there too. 

Gratitude is the key and secret to eternal happiness.. 

So as an easy task and to see the effectiveness of the technique, put 5 mins of your every morning and write down your gratitude list. 

Check your feelings in a week's time. Continue writing and again check in with yourself after 2 weeks and eventually continue writing if you like the result.

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