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Movement is the ULTIMATE healing

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Amid busy lives, moving your body and feeling your body and breath seems to be a luxury for many of us.

Who doesn’t have stress? we all have stress regardless of work, professions, and other life matters. And we feel constantly pressed due to the lack of time. But how we manage to stay healthy amid the busy life?

Are you in the constant mode of fight, flight, or freeze? Or you are truly relaxed? are you savoring every moment of this valuable lifetime?

Having a full-time job means 9-hours of work if not less regardless of commute. Do you get the time to take care of your body? or spend time with family members.

For most high-level business professionals connecting with our body and breath or practicing mindfulness seems very Luxurious. That’s why many successful executives get burned out somewhere in their career, because of the lack of time and lack of awareness of our bodies.

Developing chronic pain due to stress-related issues is an epidemy of 21st-century lifestyle especially in modern countries like the US.

Repressing our true emotions and needs, disconnecting ourselves from our bodies don’t resolve the issues, but it stores it in different parts and that’s where we create chronic pain or in some cases an illness. High Cholesterol, digestive issues, Asthma, heart diseases, weight gain, obesity, Chronic fatigue, Chronic depression and anxiety are all small numbers of issues that can happen sure to the mind-body disconnect.

Many of us start the yoga path when we are challenged emotionally or physically, and we get to a point that we are ready to try anything that could give our health and sanity back. But we would be better off starting this journey before we are at the edge of losing health and we don’t need to hit the bottom prior to start loving ourselves and care for our most precious asset in life which is our health.

Even if we don’t feel we have serious health concerns, and we may only suffer from a bit of back pain or neck pain because of bad postures and long hours sitting behind the desk, we can still enhance our life quality by moving our bodies and work on personal development.

Imagine a day that you feel full of energy, you can eat a healthy breakfast without so much mental worry or conversation in your head about WHAT to eat, enjoy mental clarity, and you have a sense of awareness of your present moments.

Movement in the ULTIMATE healing. With simple breathing techniques and physical movements, you can make big shifts into your lifestyle and in your energy level, stay focused on what is important for you, and ultimately dedicate your time to your life's purpose.

There are so many therapies out there for your to try. But talking from experience, practicing yoga with some mindset techniques can get you there both physically and mentally. Yoga works your body for sure, there are all the tips for changing your life by creating new habits by starting small. Even 10 mins new activity 6 days a week can make big shifts in your life after a month. But we need to work on your mindset a bit more. Through this work, not only we want to bring you’re your health back from minus zero to zero, but we also want to set goals to make it thrive. Gain clarity and energy to devote your life to what really matters, your true sense of being, your true purpose.

If you can incorporate of 5 minutes of mobility work in the morning even just the exact same movements (or flows from my YouTube Channel) you will see big changes in your life after 14 days of practice.

If you want to take a bigger step for your help with committing to my 8-week Yoga Mobility Method, Call Now or Email me to learn more!

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